Profile bending machine

When you should need at and can replace standard tube bending? Profile bending machine or section bender or “3 rolls tube bending machine” is the machine to use principle of driven rollers and the force of the middle roller to form the bend. But we will not talk about the technology so we will talk when you can use it…

Main restrictions of the possibilities are small radius bends. So to form radius with 3 or better 5 diameters of tube is not the problem but with tight radiuses – forget about this type of the machinery. So it is not the machine for industrial pipelines or connections but the good machine for design and architecture, spirals and some outdoor products, greenhouses tubes.

The investments could be very low for small machinery. Machines are very simple, with mass market and a lot of manufacturers it the world so if you do not have really special product (for example to make the cabin profile with different radiuses in one cycle) you can easily find the machine with your budget and necessities. Do not ask a lot of this type of the machinery but know that real CNC versions could be very interesting to change radius. Some German and Swiss companies offer the precise versions – with more hard price but to make more precise parts for the field, for example for boat railing where pair of tubes needs to be really mirrored without any difference.

Every time note that profile bending machines has the specialization for the profiles. It is very complicated to deal with bar or beam with tube bending machine so profile bender is only choice for this kind of applications. The machine possibilities are calculated for the bending of solids and not the hollow pieces.


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