Some notes about press brake tools

Press brake tooling is the investment for years. In general first set of tools is supplied with the press brake together to start the production immediately after the installation of the machine. Somebody purchases all tools which are better to have in the workshop, somebody starts with the production to purchase other tools later if necessary. Tooling could be also the serious investment so it is better study what to purchase and when.

Normally press brake tools go for the years. Moreover it depends for the requirements to the product itself – even the part with some difference with the bending line could be accepted. What is the reason to replace the tools? Some critical damages, for example fault of the cycle when tool was damaged because of mistake or other or some problems with the tooling which are serious to produce the future parts.

The main thing could be also burrs – after cutting or punching when the addition metal on the part scratches the tool during bending. Several parts will do nothing but after several thousand of bends the bending tooling will be also damaged. Oil, protection film and absence of burrs are the things to extend the duration of life for any press brake tools. Machine faults and mistakes in setup, incorrect work of press brake cylinders, improper operations like bending of bars could lead for fast replacement of tools.

Moreover the clamping is important. According to serious tonnages the tooling should be blocked without any lifts or movements and has the same position as near piece. It is possible to understand it also with the bending for the full length of the machine – the difference with bending areas could show the problems with the press brake tools.

For sure as general it is clear that even for modern and expensive high-technology press brakes the precision and the proper work is connected with the condition of the tooling. So it is the reason never ignore any damages to the pieces.


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